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About me[]

Hello , I am Sir Modman, from the Glest forums. I play many games, but I play Glest most often. What interests me most in Glest is the fantasy style, including the art of the factions, the tilesets, and the natural looking maps.

My wish list for Glest[]

  1. LUA AIs. This means that the AI takes all orders from a LUA text document outside of the engine, which can be modded and fixed relatively easily. Personally, I would enjoy making the AI documents.
  2. Extended Magitech factions. I have begun designing a faction diagram for each of the three main Magitech factions (Tech, Magic, and Dark Magic) which will incorporate many new units. The size of the factions will increase considerably, and each faction will take advantage of the new fields in Glest, water and submarine.
  3. Map editor (and other map features). I have many new features with regards to the maps which I want, which can be implemented only with a new map editor. These might also require a new map format as well. You can see a complete list of the new features requests here.

My contributions[]

My favorite pages[]

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