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About Me[]

I'm Hofmic, also known as Omega on the Glest Board. You can also visit my site, the Glest Guide for all your glest needs.

Major edits[]

I'm the biggest editor (as of 27 June 2011) here, so many pages are of either my design or have undergone major revamps by me. I adopted this wiki some time back, when it was a mess and lacking in editors. Initially, I had little time to help such a cumbersome job, but I eventually expanded my way into my goal: fully documenting Glest. Abandoning my own Glest Guide, I decided to move all documentation effort here, so that we can teach Glest modders, as well as fully document the mods available for Glest.

Noteworthy edits[]


My current signature is: GG      Hofmic     Talk