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	<type value="cast-spell" />
	<name value="cast-spell_skill" />
	<ep-cost value="20" />
	<speed value="20" />
	<anim-speed value="200" />
	<animation path="models/model.g3d" />
	<sound enabled="true">
		<sound-file path="sounds/sound-file.wav" />
		<!-- Start GAE Only -->
		<effect name="effect_name" bias="beneficial" stacking="overwrite" duration="10">
		<!-- End GAE Only -->
				<attack-strength value="1.5" />
				<attack-speed value="1.2" />
	<particles value="true">
		<particle-file path="unit_particle_system.xml"/>

Cast-spell allows a unit to apply an effect to friendly unit. Thus, it could be used to heal them or boost stats temporarly.


This defines the type of the skill, in this case, cast-spell.


The name the skill is referenced in commands by, can be any valid variable name (starts with a letter, can contain letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores).


How much EP the skill will require for each cycle. If there isn't enough EP, the skill cannot be executed.


The speed that skill cycles at. Higher numbers make the skill go faster.


The speed to play the animation at. G3DHack is capable of setting an anim-speed for testing to find the perfect speed. Note that the anim-speed should generally be a lower number than the speed, otherwise the skill cycle will be repeated multiple times for a single animation.


The path to the G3D model that will be used when the unit is performing the skill.


If true, randomly plays one of the listed sound files every time a skill cycle commences. There can be any number of sound files, and only one will be played each time, though the choice of which is random. The path is a relative path to the sound file, which can be either OGG or WAV.



If true, the unit will emit particles via a unit particle system. This is applied on a per skill basis, so if you want them to always be emitting the same particles, give them the same tags on every skill, except possibly be_built and die. You could also change the particles to modify the unit's appearance while doing a certain skill. For example, black smoke might turn fiery when a building is producing. There can be as many particle systems on a skill as you want, and each is placed by giving a particle-file tag the relative path of a Unit Particle XML.