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Hi, my name is Kóródi Krisztián, and I live in Hungary. I'm 18 years old, and I study computer programming, and IT.

I'm interested in computers, and role-playing (not that role-playing called something what is going on the computers. I would at least kill those who call the WoW role-playing game!).

I'm also active in a lot of other computer games.

In Glest, I'm a moderator of the forums, and the Hungarian translator. I also have knowledge of the XML coding. Currently, I'm trying to make larger and larger maps for Glest (the current largest is 1024x1024). It's hard, because you have to make a very large map interesting, and not so simple. Currently, I'm trying to force the players to expand their territories (not much resources, but all around the whole map, so they have to conquer other territories to get those resources), and trying to force them to siege (make a very big map. If the player reaches an other player, it will took lot a lot of time, so that who was attacked, has a lot of time to build a huge army). In these large maps, the walls have more use (good (multiplayer) tactic: because the walls are very cheap, build it to everywhere. It will take some time to the other player to find those little walls).