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A unit refers to any individual controllable character or building in a mod. Each faction is made up of units and upgrades, which are the core of any mod.


Each unit has defined stats which modders must state in their XML.

  • HP - The health points of a unit.
  • EP - The energy points of a unit.
  • Armour - The defense capabilities and resistance to different types of attacks.
  • Sight - How far a unit can see, helps clear Fog of War and the Shroud of Darkness as well as lets them see enemies.
  • Size - How big the unit is.
  • Fields - What surface(s) the unit can traverse.
  • Time - How long it takes to produce the unit.
  • Resource cost - How many resources and of what kind are needed to produce the unit.
  • Requirements - Any other units or upgrades the unit needs to be produced.
  • Commands - Abilities that the unit can execute.


Each unit must have its own 3D model, in Glest's G3D format. Each skill can use a different model.

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