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Textures are the 2D images placed on 3D models to give them their surface looks. For example, a simple cube model could be turned into a wooden box, or a man could have clothing designed for him. To apply the texture, the modeller must link the texture to the model. This page only applies to Blender.

Linking the texture

  1. Go to the shading screen of the buttons window.
  2. Head to the material buttons subscreen.
  3. Add a new link to the object.
  4. Head to the texture buttons subscreen.
  5. Add a new texture
  6. Set the type to image.
  7. Load the image.

Attaching a texture.png

Proper previewing in blender

To view the texture in Blender, you must use a different method that does not allow exporting with the texture linked, so both must be done if you wish to be able to see the texture in Blender and when exporting.

  1. Open an UV/image editor window.
  2. Select the model.
  3. Choose Image > Open in the UV/image editor window and load your image.
  4. Go to the Buttons window > Shading > Material buttons
  5. Open the Map Input tab and set the input to UV.
  6. You can now see the texture on the model real time in the 3D view window when the draw type is set to textured.

Previewing textures in Blender.png

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