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To prevent edit conflicts, please do not edit this article until the editor has removed this tag. If you wish to know who is editing and when the editing began, please see the page history.

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Place this template on the top of a page that you will be constructing a major edit on to let other editors know not to edit it until you have finished. The reason for this is because if someone begins a major edit, and while they are editing, another person does an edit, the original editor will be met with an edit conflict, thus making editing harder. As a courtesty, please DO NOT EDIT AN ARTICLE WITH THIS TEMPLATE ON IT.

The template MUST be removed after the editor is finished with his major edit to let other editors know that they may edit that article as well. Alternatively, it may be removed by anyone after more than 6 hours have passed since the editing began.

Use this template with {{In-use}}.