Resource Cost

75 gold, 25 wood, 1 food


20 (leather)



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The swordman is the basic unit for Magitech's Tech faction. It has low stats, but is cheap and fast to produce. Produced from the barracks, it only has 700 health, but that's more than Magic's daemon unit, though it cannot be produced quite as early. At the start of the game, the swordman is the only melee unit the character has access to until a blacksmith is built. This makes them a building block for later game units (as they can be promoted to a guard) and they help protect the more vulnerable archers from being attacked.


  • Stop
  • Move
  • Attack
  • Patrol (GAE version only)
  • Guard (GAE version only)
  • Hold Position (Requires Training Grounds upgrade)
  • Promote to Guard


  • The swordman is the first melee unit available in tech.
  • While noticeably stronger than the daemon, it cannot be produced as early on (the barracks must be built first).
  • The Archer tends to be a better starting unit choice because of its stronger attacks and ability to have many of them pile a foe. The swordman, being a melee unit, can only have so many attacking an opponent's unit.
  • The swordman has four upgrades act upon it, Blade Weapons (increases attack damage), Shield Level 1, Shield Level 2 (both increase defensive stats), and Training Field (allows use of Hold Position command).
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