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This is the somewhat boring, but sure way of doing well as tech. This build should work fairly well against any sort of situation.

Beginning Units/ Resources

3 Workers

2 Swordsmen

1 Archer


Defense Tower

Getting Started

1. Tell one worker to build a barrack. It should be somewhat close to the edge of the area that you effectively control. If any workers become available, have them repair it to make it finish building faster.

2. The other two workers should mine for gold

3. Move your combat units to the side of your castle that is closest to the center of the map. If the defense tower is close to here, have them stand guard around it so it can provide some cover fire.

4. Produce as many workers as possible.

5. As workers become available, construct another barrack, a blacksmith and a farm.

6. Produce workers until you have a total of around 10. When all basic structures have been completed, have five or six to mine for gold, and the other four to harvest wood. In most cases, additional stone is not needed.

Research/ development Phase

1. As soon as wood is available, one barrack should begin to research training field. This upgrade is essential to producing an army, especially horsemen.

2. Also, upgrade shield with blacksmith. Survival of units is VERY important and useful. This will save you a lot of money.

3. Produce several cows early on. This so you won't have to do it later.

4. With the second barrack, produce swordsmen and archers at a constant rate. There should be three swordsmen per every two archers. One of the swordsmen can be substituted/ promoted to a guard. DO NOT produce a massive army. You will need gold later to produce more powerful units. These are just to protect you in case you get attacked early on.

5. As resources become available, upgrade EVERYTHING for the blacksmith. This step will usually coincide with the next.

Recruitment Phase

1. Produce more workers. have them mine for gold primarily. A ratio of 2:1 should suffice for your resource needs.

2. One barrack should produce a constant stream of horsemen. Other should produce a good mix of archers, guards and swordsmen.

Attack Assembly

1. Move all offensive units forward to "the gap". usually, your fortress will be located in a corner of the map and be ringed by trees, except for a large opening on one side. Move your troops here.

2. Produce horsemen. Horsemen have the same production as archers, but are much faster, do more damage and have twice as much health. They may cost almost three times as much, but they're sheer power makes up for this. To sustain your war effort, produce more workers and cows as necessary.

3. Send out your weaker preliminary units produced in the previous section (archers, swordsmen and guards) in each direction as scouts. If they encounter resistance, mark the place. You will attack it momentarily.

4. When your army is complete, prepare to attack. Select one large group of units and have them move a little ways into the darkness. Have the others move a little more. Leapfrog your way to the edge of where your swordsmen died.

5. Attack. You will need to do some maneuvering to get your units to do maximum damage.

6. Beat the crap out of your opponent. If his resources are any good, have a worker or two come over and hijack the area.

Advanced Armada

1. While attacking, you have forgotten all about your own base! You have LOTS of resources.

2. Tell all workers to stop whatever they were doing, and build a technodrome. This shouldn't take very long.

3. When the technodrome is complete, have it produce two technicians. also hit the robotics upgrade.

4. The two technicians should build aerodromes.

5. With the technodromes, build some ornithopters.

6. When robotics is complete, the technodromes can produce airships.

7. When robotics is complete, have technicians build battle machines.


1. Send out your all powerful army and obliterate your opponents. But make sure they're arranged properly, or only a couple units will arrive at your opponent's base at a time and die. Sync your attack so the ground units will go in first (swordsmen, guards, horsemen, battlemachines, archers) then the ornithopters, then finally the airships.

2. Most of your ground units (a significant number anyways) will probably die. The airship splash damage might kill a few as well, especially melee units while demolishing structures.

3. If needed, repeat with other opponents.

4. congrats. You win.

To get past the second wave

Make a heck lot of gold. Tech can only swarm at the start since the enemy would have lots of daemons. Make sure you mine gold (8 or more workers on gold) and about 6 or more workers on wood. You won't need stone for now unless your going to make lots of farms instead of cows...

Make sure you have atleast 3 barracks. Most of your men later on will be coming from the barracks since you would be making alot of cavalry later on.

But for the start of the game, keep researching and making swordsmen, archers and guards. Once you are up to the last research then start making techno dromes.

And continue from there... source:

To get past the second wave, v2

You should start by building a farm and barracks at the same time, while continuously sending units to mine mostly gold and harvest wood, though a few should do stone (eventually). Keep producing workers early on until you have around ten, then produce military units. Be sure to move all your military units to where ever the foe will come from, so that they will not be able to hit your base before you can attack them.

Focus your units on archers early on, with a few swordsmen. Once you have at least 15 military units, build a blacksmith and do the stable upgrade. Then you can continue, making archers your priority, while adding a guard and horsemen every now and then. After the second attack, and you still have 15+ military units, build a technodrome and produce a technician or two along with all the upgrades.

Now have the technician build an aerodrome, and once done, you can morph technicians into battle machines (once the upgrade is done). Once you have the robotics upgrade, you should also produce as many airships as you can safely afford while maintaining the rest of your army.

Now your base is probably pretty full, and once you have enough units (I'd recommend about 32), select them in groups of 16, then number them and send them to attack. When sending them to attack, it's best to leave about 5+ units behind if against only 1 AI, since there's a possibility of the AI taking an alternative route and slipping past you. Only move your units about 10 tiles at a time, and wait for the slow units to catch up before continuing.

Once you reach the foe's base, quickly have a small group of LAND ONLY units attack any air ballistas or tower of souls, since they will dispose of your airships fast. Then focus all attacks on your foes military units, saving the buildings for last. Once their military units are down, target any defensive buildings, then target their main building before destroying the rest.

Congrats, you've won.

Of course, it's easier with magic, though it takes a higher degree of skill for magic... Still, I've never lost...


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