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This is basic outline for playing as magic. Most of its actually common sense.

Beginning units/ resources

1 Stone Golem

3 Initiates

1 Mage Tower

1 Energy Well

1 Summoner

1 Daemon

Getting Started

1. Make as many initiates as you can. Thus will be five, limited as you are by the energy wells currently available. all 3 initiates should mine for gold.

2. The first initiate produced should mine for stone (You will not yet be able to afford an energy well)

3. The NEXT initiate should produce the energy well. The next one should help repair it.

4. The third initiate should begin on the summoning guild. If done, the initiates creating the energy well should help build the summoning guild.

5. All other initiates produced should help mine gold.


1. Continue to produce initiates. Most of them should mine for gold, though allow a total of two or three to mine for stone.

2. Keep producing initiates from the mage tower. Out of every five, two should be promoted to battlemages.

3. The summoner should produce a daemon for every battle mage you have.

4. when summoning guild is complete, create another summoner and research ancient summoning. When finished, produce ghost armors, one per every two daemons. Also produce two or three more summoners

5. Build library will the three initates that constructed the summoning guild.

6. When library is complete, research energy sharpening.

7. When library is complete, build archmage's tower.

8. When archmage's tower is complete, promote one of every four or five battlemages to an archmage.

9. Begin stockpiling resources

Attacking phase

1. Assemble army. Make sure melee units are in front of the main body of the army. Army should have around:

10 ghost armors

20 daemons

25 battlemages

5 archmages

4 summoners

2. Begin researching dragons and behemoths.

3. Send out your army. Remember to move one group at a time gradually into the wilderness(leapfrog)

4. When you come upon your enemy, attack full force. try to keep archmages in the back, preferably behind trees. Leave summoners somewhat behind and have them produce several daemons. can also morph to drake riders if you so desire.

5. If possible, send reinforcements.

6. Keep a tab on your base. Produce a pair of behemoths with initiates, and a pair of dragons. This will expensive, but you should be able to afford it at this point.

Advanced Phase

1. Forget the basic tech tree. Leave them as defense, but produce no more.

2. Produce many, many summoners.

3. Have most morph to drake riders. Others should produce dragons.

4. Initiates should produce behemoths, mine for gold and harvest wood.

5. Assemble army. Drake riders are strong and fast, so these will be our skirmishers and scouts. Send out behemoths as tank units. dragons will provide air support and spash damge.

W. I. N.

1. A single drake rider finds your enemy base and does (some) damage before being destroyed.

2. A stampede of drake riders assaults your opponent.

3. a wing of dragons descends upon your enemy, pelting his hapless units with dragonfire.

4. A towering row of tank-like behemoths descends upon your opponent, mercilessly pounding the survivors and the structures into dust.

5. You obliterate your opponent mercilessly, as he would have done to you. Except he didn't. Congrats. You win.

To get past the second wave

Build up on gold. You won't need stone or any other crap like that, well maybe you do. Have about 10 initiates on working on gold and about 4 on wood and 4 on stone. Now with your summoner make as many daemons as you can. Once your gold gets down wait for it to go up and do the same. Now wait until your resources are high with wood like about 500 since you won't be using it yet and promote them all to battlemages. From here on make an initiate and make a energy node. Then promote. Once you have about 16 daemons or more start making battlemages from the initiates that mined stone.

You should be able to swarm your enemy like this. And kill them before they make powerful units.