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Stealth Bomber
Stealth Bomber.png

1200 (2)

Resource Cost

200 gold, 50 metal, 1 food


30 (Infantry)



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The Stealth Bomber is an aerial stealth unit in Apocalyptic Dawn's UNATF faction. While only costing a marginal amount more than the Heli, the Stealth Bomber has to balance its pros and cons. First of all, the Stealth Bomber has a stronger attack, more health, better armor, and further sight, but its piercing missiles are less effective against infantry, while more effective against buildings and tank or metal based armors. One handy ability of the Stealth Bomber is its high speed. If it doesn't stop, you can fly over foes without being hit. So if you need to scout the foe's base to see what they have, you can fly by it and take a look-see for yourself!.


The Stealth Bombers have a variety of uses. It's handy to be able to spy on your foes, such as to target them with a Nuke or to see how their production goes. However, this is negated by the AA Launcher, which breaks their stealth, so the usefulness declines when the foe has many AA Launchers. It is possible to destroy the foes AA Launchers though. In combat, the Stealth Bomber is best used to attack in a large group of land units. Because of its extreme weakness to anti-air attacks, those must be destroyed first.


The Stealth Bomber is created at the Hangar once Aerodynamics and Stealth Research have been completed.

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