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Ops Facility
Special Op.png

1200 (2)

Resource Cost

200 gold, 50 metal, 1 food


30 (Infantry)



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The Special Op is an advanced, mid game unit in the UNATF faction. It uses an experimental, Apocalyptic Dawn-grade, futuristic electro-blaster, which deals much more damage faster than the Marine, allowing it to become the staple of a later game army. It costs an extra 50 gold, but gives a bit of HP, armor, and move speed, along with its improved attacks. It also only requires one step to create, since its recruited from the Ops Facility, rather than needing to recruit an Infantry and promote it to a Marine. The Special Op also has a secondary attack which must be manually input. This is the powerful one-hit kill attack, Snipe, which can down any infantry unit in a single hit, though it cannot affect tanks, metal armor, buildings, etc. The Snipe attack also requires a full energy bar, and thus using it will slow down your primary weapon's attack.


Special Ops tend to become your most used unit in the late game, so should be produced en mass, and mixed with an array of other units to help balance out their weaknesses.


The Special Op is recruited from the Ops Facility.

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