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Resource Cost

Quantum Energy: 5


10 - Alpha (Infantry)



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The Raiden is one of the most versatile vehicles that the Crincillin employ. Able to quickly adapt to any situation with the greatest of ease, whether the role needed is ground assault or air superiority.


The Raiden is the main ranged unit of the Crincillin ground forces. It combines power, durability, and flexibilty to create a well rounded unit. In it's ground form, it functions as an assault unit that excels against all ground unit types. Able to shrug off a few shots before becoming seriously hurt, the Raiden makes a great defense unit as well. But even as good as it is, it still suffers from a few flaws. Its biggest weakness is that on the ground it is unable to adequately target aircraft, making it a ground assault unit only. Also, even though it has decent armor, it is weak to dedicated anti-infantry attacks. Lastly, the Raiden has no legs, it instead hovers a foot above the ground. This gives them the ability to hover over water, making it amphibious.


The Shrike is the aerial form of the Raiden. This aircraft functions as the Crincillin's air superiority fighter. It's plasma cannons are converted to anti-aircraft anti-matter slivers that make quick work of anything else in the air. Because of it's very nature, the Shrike is rather speedy and can also serve as a transportation method for the Raiden.

Before this form can be used, the Analysis Engine will need to be built so that the schematics can be sent down from the Armada. Then the Shrike's designs will need to be calibrated for Skepna's atmosphere.


The Raiden had a weaker, but very similar predescessor - the Striker. This vehicle was the main assault unit until the Crincillin research labs were able to create a new iteration. This new version was faster, stronger, and could take more punishment than the Striker, causing it to become obsolete. The Raiden was developed a two years before the landing at Skepna VI, and the Crincillin scientists thought that the Phorin would make great test subjects for their new vehicles.

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