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Quantum Reactor
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Resource Cost

600 Metal 400 Carbon 350 Crystal


10 Omega (Building)



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The Quantum Reactor is the Crincillin's main Quantum Energy producing structure. It produces 30 units of QE for use.


This structure is the most important part of any Crincillin base because not only does it provide needed energy to power the vehicles that the Crincillin army employs, but also the rest of the base! All units and buildings require a certain amount of Quantum Energy to remain structurally sound, for if there is a deficit, units and structures will collapse upon themselves and ultimately die. This extreme reliance on QE is the Crincillin's "Achilles' Heel," and are often the target of most raids, so all Crincillin Commanders are instructed to keep their Reactors well defended.

Also worth noting, the Orbital Command Centers also produce a small amount of QE for the starting of a small base.


Normally, on Crincillin inhabited planets, large power plants are constructed that provide power thoughout the entire planet. Everything was powered by these plants: vehicles, structures, computers, machines, etc. They were some of the most well defended points on a planet, because the Crincillin governors knew that they couldn't maintain control of the populace without them.

When the Crincillin started to invade new planets, they would attempt to assemble a fully working, giant Reactor complex that the rest of the base would be built around; but it was soon learned that more portable and easily constructed Reactors would be needed. Thus, a model was invented that was far inferior to the massive complexes that resided on subjugated planets, but could be quickly assembled on a planet's surface. The main downside to these new models was that although some spare parts were brought along for the invasion, most of the parts required would have to be manufactured from scratch - usually from the planet's natural resources. This means that the more Reactors that are constructed, more parts are needed to be constructed, so the price for each new Reactor permantently goes up.

Once an Analysis Engine is established on the surface of a planet, Crincillin Commanders can call down schematics for use in an invasion. One such set of schematics designed specifically for Quantum Reactors is the plans for Antimatter Cores. When inserted into Reactors, these cores use the harnessed power of controlled matter/antimatter interactions for a much needed increase in QE output.

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