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Quantum genesis small

Although no one has truly seen Quantum Energy, we believe it resembles this picture.

Quantum Energy is one of the Crincillin's unique resources (along with Crystal), but unlike Crystal, they have the power to produce Quantum Energy in limitless amounts. It is used for supporting and maintaining a base and an army.


Even as advanced as Crincillin technology is, it still has to obey the laws of physics. All of the Crincillin structures and vehicles require some amount of Quantum Energy to operate things such as warp devices and firearms. If for any reason a Crincillin base runs a deficit of Quantum Energy, the internal shield generators that reinforce the external armor of the units and buildings shut down, causing the armor to slowly collapse upon itself until the suffering object becomes unusable for combat. This means that any Crincillin Commander will need to keep his base well supplied with enough Quantum Energy to support all structures and units, or face dire concequences.