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The Phorin is a faction in the Constellus techtree. They are an exoskeletal race of tribal warriors whom have enslaved most other intelligent races of Skepna VI. They are scattered around the planet into different clans. The clan leaders control the populace with their religion, the more temples a clan has, the more Authority they gain. The species is divided into different breeds, although all are bred for war, they each bring different tactics to the battle. That, along with their selection of beasts they employ; The Phorin is a fierce and merciless opponent. Although their known history is young; they possess the secrets which Skepna holds... and will stop at nothing to keep them from the Crincillin.

Overall, the Phorin are dedicated to hitting fast, and hitting hard. They specialize in speed and brute strength, able to ambush a convoy and destroy it before their enemy knew what hit them. Another thing that should be noted about the Phorin is that their infantry, when grouped together, will accumulate a "horde bonus" that grants buffs to HP, speed, and attack strength. This bonus is becomes greater as more infantry are put closer together. Since they are not as advanced as the Crincillin, they have no use for crystal as a power source; this means that they can only harvest wood and stone. Lastly, all buildings are able to garrison 2 infantry except for the Outpost which can hold 4. Even though they may not be the most advanced species in the galaxy, they should never be underestimated.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • They start out with a Chieftain - a super powerful hero unit.
  • All buildings can garrison units, except for the Temple and Shrines because they are "holy."
  • When units are grouped together, they gain a "Horde Bonus." This bonus enhances their HP, attack strength, and move speed. The more units that contribute to the Horde, the stronger the bonus gets.
  • Units are geared toward stealth, speed, and brute strength, so they are able to quickly and effectively make raids on enemy bases and armies.
  • Units have low cost and train quickly.
  • The Shrines allow the player to shift the feel of the Phorin, making for unique gameplay.
  • The Phorin have no use for Crystal, so they have one less resource to think about.


  • Units are somewhat fragile and require larger numbers to conquer a foe.
  • They lack in the areas of stealth detection and anti-air.
  • When one Shrine is chosen, the other becomes off-limits for the rest of the game.
  • Although slave units can enjoy the benefits of the Horde Bonus, they are unable to contribute to it.
  • When they start out, they have no defense tower - they are given the Chieftain instead.
  • If the Chieftain dies, he can only be revived at the Lyceum and the cost to revive him increases.
  • The Outpost has no standard attack, so it must rely on the units garrisoned inside for protection.
  • Lack in the area of range attacks, most are melee.
  • Most units do not have any bonuses against specific unit types.

Phorin Units[]

Unit Description
Peon The worker unit of the faction, it constructs the majority of the buildings and harvests resources. It is created from the Temple. Can be taught to permanently cloak itself if the Shrine of Ekariku is chosen.
Priest The upgraded Peon, can heal units and builds the two shrines as well as temples. If the Shrine of Ekariku is chosen, the Priest can be upgraded to project a field of healing to compliment its healing powers. If the shrine of Mikara is chosen instead, the priest gains a fiery attack which does damage over time.
Chieftain Every clan has a chieftain, a hero unit of sorts. The Chieftain is probably the most versatile unit in-game, as it counters well against air and ground units, and can switch from melee to ranged attacks. NOTE: You may only have one at a time, and if he dies he must be respawned from the Lyceum. Depending on your Shrine, The Chieftain morphs into either the Warlord or the Grand Elder.
Phor Ite This is your standard melee unit. Is created from the Citadel, fast and good HP, but lacks good armor and attack strength. The Phor Ite's speed is the Phorin's main counter to ranged units.
Ite Rafa Makes up for the Phor Ite's short comings, but also lacks where it excels. A versatile army must comprise of both.
Queen A large unit with high HP, low armor, and a good attack; but is extremely slow. Can sprint for a few seconds with it's Charge ability. Great for defense. Creates Larvae.
Larvae Is created by the Queen, five can be made instantaneously in a group. Strong attack, fast speed, low HP, and no armor. Will start to lose HP if not near a Queen.
Saens A slave race trained to equip a sling. Incredibly week, but equally cheap.
Hicalii An enslaved flying mammal who spits acid on its targets. Medium range, attack, and speed. It's attacks have a chance to reduce the armor of enemy units by 10%, and this effect will stack.
Ounyir Scout The scout unit. It has long sight and high speed, but very little HP and armor. It's attack does no damage, but it can stun targets for a few seconds in order for a clean getaway. It gains a medium-strength melee attack and can permanently cloak if the Shrine of Ekariku is chosen.
Barge Water unit that can carry 6 passengers, these passengers can fire out of the barge.
Azji Raider Cavalry unit. Fast, strong, and powerful and has a bonus against enemy workers. Excellent for raiding enemy installations! Also has a form of the Horde Bonus that is restricted to other cavalry - groups will enhance their attack/movement speeds and attack strengths.
Cala Juggernaut Slow melee siege unit with a really nice bonus against buildings. Cannot hit aircraft and does mediocre damage to units.
High Guard

If the Shrine of Mikara is chosen, this unit is available for production at the shrine. An extremely good infantry unit. Has fantastic HP, Armor, and a medium/high attack. In case of severe resistance, the High Guard can hunker down, placing his tower shield on top of himself. This grants an extreme armor bonus, but prevents him from moving and slows down his ability to attack. Unique in that its shield is so powerful that it is resistant to anti-infantry weapons, this means that there are no real effective counters.


The Warlord is the Chieftain's alternate form if the Shrine of Mikara is chosen. He flies around on a giant squid, making him an air unit. He gives great bonuses to the Horde Bonus and uses flaming arrows that set other units on fire. After some research is done at the Shrine, he is able to demoralize nearby enemy units and he can detect stealth - making him the Phorin's only mobile detector.

Grand Elder

The Grand Elder is the Shrine of Ekariku's alternate form for the Chieftain. He is a super worker, able to do all of the tasks of Peons and Priests (except heal), but at a greatly enhanced rate. He is also permanently stealthed, and shares his cloaking power with cloakable units nearby. Even though he is not really built for fighting, that doesn't mean he can't turn the tide of battle.

Phorin Buildings[]

Building Description
Temple This is the only starting building of the Phorin; it creates the Peon and gives 25 Authority.
Citadel Creates the Phor Ite, the Ite Rafa, and the Queen.
Slave Encampment Creates the enslaved races, the Saens and the Hicalii.
Lyceum Researches the bulk of the upgrades. Also the respawn point for the Chieftain.

Extremely long sight and warns you when enemies are in range. Also produces the Scout and is able to garrison two units. If the Shrine of Mikara is chosen, it can be upgraded with a medium/weak attack that lights other units on fire. If the Shrine of Ekariku is chosen, it can be upgraded with camouflage, rendering it invisible to the naked eye.

Beast Sanctum Creates the Raider and the Juggernaut.
Moor Creates the barge.
Shrine of Mikara Built by the Priest, upgrades the Chieftain into the Warlord, produces the High Guards, and researches important military upgrades.
Shrine of Ekariku Built by the priest, upgrades the Chieftain into the Grand Elder, produces packed-up Depots, and researches economic and stealth upgrades.
Depot Cheap but study mini-base that comes as a packed-up travois. Only deployable once. Produces Peons and stores resources. Can be taught to permanently cloak.

Strategic Tech[]

The Phorin are unique because they have two Strategic Techs, one for either shrine.

  • Shrine of Mikara: The warriors are taught that the gods will only respect those who fight with bravery and great strength in battle and that retreat is cowardly. This manifests as a greater overall attack power and speed, but movement speed is lessened.
  • Shrine of Ekariku: The warriors are taught that the gods will reward those who are cunning and tactical. This manifests itself as an increase in speed and sight range, but a decrease in attack strength.

Because the Phorin warriors are wholly devoted to the gods (and because they are rather stubborn), they will be unable to release their new teaching; so these indoctrinations can not be reversed.

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