PG - 2


A complex particle splash replicating a nuclear explosion shock waves. This is extremely large and uses many particles, but is not meant as a normal attack, but as a unique special attack as seen in the Military mod.


Particle2 military nuke


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
  <texture value="true" path="images/particle-nuke.bmp" luminance="true" />
  <model value="false" />
  <primitive value="quad" />
  <offset x="0" y="0" z="0" />
  <color red="1.0" green="0.7" blue="0" alpha="0" />
  <color-no-energy red="0.4" green="0.4" blue="0.4" alpha="0.8" />
  <size value="45" />
  <size-no-energy value="20" />
  <speed value="20" />
  <gravity value="0.15" />
  <emission-rate value="30" />
  <energy-max value="120" />
  <energy-var value="5" />
  <emission-rate-fade value="1" />
  <vertical-spread a="1" b="0" />
  <horizontal-spread a="1" b="0" />
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