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|Image = File:Outpost.png
|Health = 12000
|Resources = 200 [[Gold (MilitaryApocalyptic Dawn)|gold]], 250 [[Wood (MilitaryApocalyptic Dawn)|wood]]
|Armor = 0 ([[MilitaryApocalyptic Dawn/Attack Types|Building]])
|Faction = [[UNATF]]
The '''Outpost''' is a defensive building in [[MilitaryApocalyptic Dawn]]'s [[UNATF]] [[faction]]. It's best purpose is as a warning trigger, as it has extremely long sight, allowing it to spy an enemy in the distance, and thus can be used to block paths to the enemy to prevent them from getting by without you knowing, barring stealth units. The Outpost can attack, but its attack is weak, so it is recommended to instead focus on using it defensively as a warning trigger.
The Outpost is constructed by a [[Private]] requiring the [[Headquarters]].
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