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Glest is fully modable, though when players refer to a mod, they generally mean a faction or techtree. A techtree is a full set of factions with their own resources, damage types, etc. You can only use factions that all belong to the same tech tree in a game (eg: Magitech). A faction is the team of units that a player can control, and defines the units, upgrades, how they work, etc (eg: Tech). Installing Mods varies based on the type of mod and engine, and mods can utilize engine specific content. For example, Military uses GAE only functions such as guarding and emanations. This page is just a list of all Techtrees, Factions, and Mod Compilations (which include at least one faction). All mods here are sorted alphabetically, and not based on merit or opinions.

More information on each mod can be found on its specific page.


Techtrees contain one or more factions, and can define separate elements specific only to the techtree, such as resources. Grouped in here are compilation packages, which also include tilesets, maps, and scenarios.[1]

  1. Some version numbering artificial to make up for lack of official version numbers.
  2. Separate versions available for each engine.
  3. Campaign Style per faction
  4. Version numbering tied to MegaGlest version
  5. Can function with some features disabled in GAE.


Factions are a single "team" of units and upgrades that any one player can control. They belong inside of Techtrees and generally depend on certain techtree's and their resources. Factions belonging to a unique techtree are shown in the techtree section above rather than here. Many of these are meant to be placed in the standard Magitech techtree unless otherwise specified.

  1. MegaGlest only version available.
  2. For required unit particle systems.

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