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Missile Silo
Missile Silo.png


Resource Cost

350 gold, 150 metal


0 (Building)



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The Missile Silo is a powerful ICBM launcher in the Apocalyptic Dawn techtree's UNATF faction. It serves one sole purpose: to unleash the Nuke special attack, a devastating special attack which requires a lengthy charge time to fire, and requires a large chain of prerequisites to build.

Special Attack[]

The Nuke special attack of the Missile Silo launches an ICBM that can strike anywhere on the map. It requires site of that area, though, so sending a scout, etc is nearly necessary, of which the Stealth Bomber is best suited for. The attack deals massive damage to all land units in the target area, which is first marked with glowing blue circles. It also inflicts targets with radiation poisoning, reducing productivity and speed, as well as sapping their health even further, making effective use of Medics a necessity. Nukes are best fired right before attacking the foe. If hit by a Nuke, production should be halted to let Privates heal themselves and others, and group units together to offset the Radiation Poisoning with the Medic's healing emanation.


The Missile Silo is built by the Private, requiring the Plutonium Extraction upgrade, which creates a long chain, requiring the majority of the faction's upgrades.

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