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Additional Notes: Accommodates large unit /group/army movements.

Athena's Valley

Additional Notes: may be difficult to move large units groups and types - narrow trails in some locations.


Additional Notes: Wide travel corridors for large armies.


Additional Notes: This map is one of my all time favorites ! heh.

Burnt Earth

Additional Notes - Resources are partially obscured within large rocks so look closely!

China Grove

Additional Notes - Resource nodes are hidden inside large Mossy Rocks.


Additional Notes: None


Additional Notes: The beginning locations have plenty of resources for a strong start but get those scouts out there looking for new resource points quickly!

Forest Lands

Additional Notes:

Four Castles

Additional Notes - Interesting cliffs and map editing.


Great Wall

Additional Notes - None

  • ==Hyrule v1.0==
  • Author: -Archmage-
  • Map Size: Gigantic
  • Preferred Tileset: generic
  • Map Type: 2 player generic
  • Resource Allotment: moderate
  • Download: filefront: Hyrule.7z mediafire: Hyrule.7z
  • Date:

Additional Notes: Too big to screenshot in GAE due to clipping effect.


Additional Notes:


Additional Notes: This map is split into North ( 2 Bases), and South ( 1 Base) each with additional resource spot settlements right outside the area.

Overgrown City

Additional Notes: Modified by titi


Additional Notes: May not accommodate factions with size3 units.


Additional Notes - May not accommodate factions with size3 units.

Scenario - the three towers

Additional Notes: Scenario is meant to be played with my dwarf faction but can be easily adjusted to work with tech by changing a few lines of the XML. You need to add the faction 'clock' to your magitech tech tree and the map 'valley' in your maps folder.

Wadi Nefud

Additional Notes - May be difficult moving large unit types/groups.