Maps are files that tell Glest how to position objects, resources, the players starting locations, etc. GBM, or Glest Binary Map files can be used on any of the engines, while MGM, or MegaGlest Map files, can only be played on GAE or MegaGlest.


Maps are installed by placing them in the maps/ folder in Glest's installation folder. For GAE, maps are placed in the shared/glestae/maps/ folder. Only the bare GBM or MGM file needs to be placed in that folder. Scenarios in GAE can have a map placed in the scenario folder, which can allow the scenario to use the map without it appearing in the map list when playing a custom game. It's also possible to distribute maps in the addons format.

List of MapsEdit

Map Name Author Size Download Notes Image
Ally Resist Scenariole 128x128 Download Ally Resist Map
Anemia Calvarr 128x128 Download Anemia Map
Angry Forest 128x128 Download Angry Forest Map
Armageddon Omega 128x128 Download Armageddon Map
Athena's Valley Orion 128x128 Download Cleaned up by Trappin years ago Athena's Valley Map
Autobahn Trappin 256x256 Download Autobahn Map
Badwater Trappin 128x128 Download Badwater Map
Battlefield Omega 128x128 Download Battlefield Map
Borderlands 128x128 Download Borderlands Map
Bulwark Trappin 128x128 Download Fun Map Bulwark Map
Burnt Earth Trappin 128x128 Download Burnt Earth Map
Calypso Victorj 128x128 Download Calypso Map
Canal Elbe Trappin 128x128 Download Companion map to Imladris Canyon Map
Cascade Trappin 256x256 Download Cascade Map
Center Punch 128x128 Download Very small playing area Center Punch Map
China Grove Trappin 64x64 Download China Grove Map
Clover Trappin 128x128 Download Clover Map
Conflict Titi 64x64 Download Conflict Map
Dark Forest 128x128 Download Dark Forest Map
Dark Waters Omega 128x128 Download 2 on 2 map; Compatible with water units Dark Waters Map
Deliver Trappin 128x128 Download Deliver Map
Domination Isles 128x128 Download Domination Isles Map
Duck pond Eliminator 256x256 Download Duck pond Map
End Times Trappin 128x128 Download Improved map End Times Map
Evercamp Trappin 256x256 Download Evercamp Map
Fatal Shore Trappin 128x128 Download Fatal Shore Map
Final Destination Omega 128x128 Download Final Destination Map
Flankenangriff Atze 128x64 Download Formerly known as "Another_Riverside_a3" Flankenangriff Map
Forest for Four 64x64 Download Forest for Four Map
Forest Lands Modman 256x256 Download Forest Lands Map
Forest Overgrowth 64x64 Download Forest Overgrowth Map
Four Castles Idanwin 128x128 Download Four Castles Map
Frozen Winter Standizzle/Trappin 64x64 Download Best played on the Winter Tileset Frozen Winter Map
Gold Rush Trappin 64x64 Download Gold Rush Map
Gold Way 64x64 Download Gold Way Map
Great Wall Trappin 256x256 Download Great Wall Map
Hexagon Calvarr 64x64 Download Hexagon Map
Island Idanwin 128x128 Download Island Map
Land of Fear Scenariole 64x64 Download 2 on 1 map Land of Fear Map
Lake Omega 128x128 Download Compatible with water units Lake Map
Last Refuge Trappin 128x128 Download Much improved map based on Last Stand by Omega Last Refuge Map
Last Stand Omega 128x128 Download Last Stand Map
Lau Lagoon Trappin 128x128 Download Lau Lagoon Map
Loggerheads Atze 128x64 Download Loggerheads Map
Magic Forest 128x128 Download Magic Forest Map
Misty Hills Trappin 128x128 Download Misty Hills Map
8 Players - Only 1 Will Win Frost 256x256 Download Lots of gold
One King Rules Them All Uncle 64x64 Download One King Rules Them All
Overgrown City Mapmaker 128x128 Download Modified by Titi Overgrown City Map
Pentagon Calvarr 64x64 Download Pentagon Map
Pot Hole Trappin/Glest Team 128x128 Download Pot Hole Map
Qwik Glest Trappin 64x64 Download Meant for quick games Qwik Glest Map
Redoubt Trappin 128x128 Download Redoubt Map
Swamp of Hope Atze 128x64 Download Swamp of Hope Map
The Hunters Uncle 128x128 Download Glest version of StarCraft map "The Hunters" Thehunters large
Untouched Lands 128x128 Download Untouched Lands Map
Wadi Nefud Trappin 128x128 Download Difficult map for beginners Wadi Nefud Map

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