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Malevolent Rising
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Wood, Wealth, Stone, Iron, Population, Charisma


Richard Nicholson (ChupaReaper)


v0.0 Restarted from scratch.

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Malevolent Rising is an RTS Game using GAE purely as a game engine. This project is being redone from scratch as a new project for university. Once finished for university use, the project will be released for download. Currently only the Necribus Faction will be available, but the Hyperion will be redone then work on the following factions will begin.

In order to prevent any self-plagiarism, I will state here that this is a new project for university use and is by me Richard Nicholson. The old Malevolent Rising total conversion mod is not available for download and is quite different to this new university project.


Necribus symbol.png


Werewolves and Satyrs band together forming a dark and powerful faction by mixing the elements Necro (death and shadow) and Demonic to become the fastest and the strongest. This is a dark and evil looking faction, expect to see vicious creatures and large savage demons. Overall gothic theme.

Hyperion symbol.png


Angels and Jotuun (half-giant ice race) create a mighty race becoming the masters of range and defence fusing Zola (light and holy) with Frost (ice and wind). This is a light superior looking faction, expect tall buildings and diverse strategies. Overall slightly greek/roman-like theme.

Gians symbol.png


Dryads and Shapeshifters unite as the rulers of the deserts and forests mixing Earth (ground, rock) with Nature (plants, lightning), they focus on constant healing and speed. This is a very green nature-based faction, expect to see temples and plant-like structures. Overall aztec and egyptian-like.

Vestirus symbol.png


Aquarians and Khajiit work together as an unusual mix of Fire and Water. The Water of Life grants greater health and water units as well as Fire granting a strong Defence and economics. Overall tribal theme with totems, etc.

Damned symbol.png

The Damned[]

The time-corrupt Vampires and half life Scourge help maintain each others existence. While the Scourge and their Spirit powers offer high health regeneration, the Vampires use Cosmic powers (space, time, dimension) to tamper with the fabric of reality bringing strange creatures with high attack. Almost futuristic space age like theme only with cosmic and spirit magic not futuristic technology.


  • Wood: Gathered from trees by workers.
  • Wealth: Mined by workers.
  • Stone: Mined by workers.
  • Iron: Mined by workers.
  • Population: A static resource which is consumed by every none building unit. Increased by building Huts, Houses or Hamlets.
  • Charisma: Like Population but only used by powerful units alongside Population, these can only be increased by building Hamlets.

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