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Magic is a faction made by the Glest Team. It is one of the factions in Magitech, the offical Glest techtree. Developed early on, it has been generally used as the standard for quality among glest mods, and it features a large number of units rotating around a magical and darker theme. Well balanced against tech, it is more for advanced players, since it gets better units primarily through summoning and morphing units. It also has some more vulnerable units that must be well protected, but will pay off in raw power.


Magic techtree map

Magic was one of the first factions ever created, created parallel to tech for the default Magitech tech tree. It has been bundled with every glest version since, and when modding became possible in Glest, it became a standard template for learning to make a mod. Created by the Glest Team, it features high quality, well made models, textures, animations, and sounds, and is generally regarded as the standard unit of quality for rating Glest mods. The faction is no longer under developement, as that was stopped with the final release of Glest with version 3.2.2. However, some individual mods are based upon expanding Magic, including the Four Path Magitech.


Magic's archmage is a powerful, but vulnerable, unit.

  • Archmage
  • Archmage tower
  • Battlemage
  • Behemoth
  • Daemon
  • Dragon
  • Drake Rider
  • Energy source
  • Ghost armor
  • Golem
  • Initiate
  • Library
  • Mage Tower
  • Summoner
  • Summoner guild
  • Tower of souls
  • Wicker behemoth


  • Ancient summoning
  • Dragon call
  • Energy compression
  • Energy sharpening
  • Golem power
  • Hell gate


Main article: Strategies/Magic

Daemon Rushing[]

Magic's daemon's and battlemages are very easy and quick to create, and require no buildings, allowing you to produce them quickly and attack your foe before they can get enough units to overwhelm you. Your units will need to take care of the foe's military first, while staying out of range of their defense tower to cripple them. You may wish to camp outside of their range and focus on their workers too, as that will eventually deplete all the foe's resources.

Dragon Power[]

The dragon is a fearsome foe, and used correctly, it boasts overwhelming strength in numbers. When using dragons, first sweep through the area with fast units such as the Drake Rider, destroying anti-air units like the air ballista. When you finally attack your foe, focus on ranged units such as the archer first, as they are able to attack the dragons. Once all ranged units are gone, the melee units are helpless against the dragons, allowing you to pick them off one by one.

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