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Machine Gun Turret
Machine Gun Turret.png

2500 (2)

Resource Cost

250 gold, 150 metal


20 (Infantry)



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The Machine Gun Turret is a defensive unit in the UNATF faction. It cannot move, but has a high rate of fire, powerful machine gun which can rip up opposing foes. The Machine Gun Turret's cost should not be underestimated, as it is promoted from an Infantry and therefor requires the resource cost of an Infantry as well (100 gold, 20 metal, 2 food), but the Machine Gun Turret makes up for that in raw power and the fact it can be created fairly early in the game.


The Machine Gun Turret's biggest weakness is being overwhelmed. It can only attack one target at a time, and can do very well at that, but falls quickly when piled upon. This can be used to your advantage on the offensive, but on the defense, be sure to support it by never leaving it alone. Have additional defensive and/or offensive units around as well.


The Machine Gun Turret is promoted from either an Infantry, Marine, or RPG Trooper after an Outpost has already been built. Discounts are given if promoting from the Marine or RPG Trooper.

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