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This page explains how to compile MegaGlest on a Mac computer.


  • XCode
  • A Git program
  • CMake
  • Retrieve the build dependencies / 3rd party libraries and extract the contents of the archive in your library directory ~/Library/Frameworks


  • Get the source from Git or the source tarball from version 3.9.1 or above.
git clone --recursive
cd megaglest-source/data/glest_game
git checkout master
cd ../..
  • If you've made a quite popular mistake - "cloned repository without data (submodules)", then you should do this:
>    git submodule update --init --recursive
>    cd data/glest_game
>    git checkout master
>    cd ../..
  • Generate the XCode project
cmake -GXcode
  • Build everything for release
xcodebuild -configuration release
  • Generate the installer
cpack -C CPackConfig.cmake
  • You should have a megaglest-#.dmg file in your current directory. You can install this and play it.

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