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Installers make it easier for players to install and play the game, resulting in more time spent playing the game happily and less time fiddling with the source, trying to get it to work. MegaGlest has installers available for both Windows and Linux. The methods of creating these installers is explained on this page.

Windows Installer[]

MegaGlest uses the NullSoft Installer, NSIS. You will also require some special NSIS plugins to compile the installer/updater scripts for MegaGlest which are located on the MegaGlest Sourceforge page. Open MegaGlestInstaller.nsi located in mk/windoze/Installer from the NSIS compiler and compile the installer into an executable. The developer uses a free GUI editor for the installer called HM NIS Edit, which can be found on its Sourceforge page. If the NSIS Installer Build is successful you should see a binary produced in the Installer folder called something like: MegaGlest-Installer-3.5.1_i386_win32.exe

Linux Installer[]

For Linux, MegaGlest uses the Mojosetup installer. To build a Linux installer, open a terminal window and navigate to mk/linux/mojosetup/megaglest-installer. Edit and change the version number tag (as per the example below).


Next edit scripts/config.lua and change the version number to match the version you are building the installer for.

local GAME_VERSION = "";

From this folder run:


If everything runs properly, the script will build an installer from the binaries and data location in the SVN project specified in the top of the script (typically the trunk branch or a release branch) and the final installer is location in the same folder as and called megaglest-installer. This can be done on either 32 or 64 bit Linux architectures.

  • NOTE: The Linux installer uses xz to compress the installer data

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