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MegaGlest has many new features added to the game, or expanded on existing features.

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List of features[]

  • Up to 8 players for network or single player games.
  • 5 new factions to pick from (more can be downloaded)
  • Mod management system built in to expand gameplay
  • New AI player difficulty levels (easy, normal, ultra, mega)
  • Cross platform network play (Linux vs Windows works fine)
  • Many new maps
  • Cliffs can be created in maps
  • Observer Mode allows non players to observe the game
  • Minimal Master-Server to display hosted Internet games
  • Custom loading screens per faction
  • Map and Faction preview
  • Multi-Player over LAN or Internet
  • Per Unit Particles.
  • Network game lobby chat mode (press enter to toggle on/off)
  • Support for multiple hosted servers through configurable TCP ports
  • Queued commands (hold CTRL key while queuing multiple commands)
  • Supported on most Linux distributions (32 and 64 bit) via universal full installer or data and binary packages.
  • Supported on Windows XP - Windows 7.
  • Enhanced map editor (with tooltips)
  • Enhanced G3D Model viewer (supports showing particles, takes screenshots)
  • Enhanced LUA commands and scripting support
  • Command line options (type --help to see current options)
  • Additional Support for JPG and PNG textures for models
  • Full support for mod's via the mydata folder
  • Only loads the factions selected in game settings.

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