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For people who would like to work on MegaGlest, the MegaGlest team has tried to work hard to make things as easy for the users as possible. Below is a list of links to try to assist anyone who is interested in helping with development or just to learn for your own enjoyment.

MegaGlest is hosted at

You can download the full and ready-to-use versions from here (source/data/binaries): (change into the megaglest_x.y.z directory)

Github hosts the MegaGlest GIT repository, this is where the source code is kept. More about this below.

Accessing GIT



Installers make it easy for people to get the software setup on their computers, so when the MegaGlest team makes a new stable release, they also prepare/build Installers. As of v3.5.1 megaglest's build system support 'make install' style installation on Linux based platforms. The following is an example of how to do this in Ubuntu:

cd mk/linux
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../../..
make -j 3
sudo make install


Once a new revision is successfully compiled, newly added features need extensive testing so that a stable and working version is shipped.

Testing the game menu

If there are problems with the game related to the game menu, edit source/shared_lib/include/platform/sdl/thread.h and uncomment the following line (remove the leading double slash) before recompiling.


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