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Resource Cost

Quantum Energy: 1


5 (Infantry)



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The Invasion Preparation Vehicle (also known as the IPV) is the main worker unit for the Crincillin Remnant. These speedy, unmanned drones work steadily around the clock to make sure that the Crincillin invasion is a success.


The IPV's function as the main means to construct and repair structures and harvest Skepna's natural resources. They wield powerful fusion cutters that can quickly assemble and repair structures and advanced warp coils that beam harvested resources into their storage trays. They will still need to return resources to an Orbital Command for permanent storage, though. All IPV's are also equiped with the ability to hover, allowing them to cross all terrain, even over bodies of water.

Also worth noting, the IPV's have a nasty surprise for any enemies that manage to get into the base - the ability to turn into a well-armored bunker. By inserting themselves into the ground and weaponizing their fusion cutters, the IPV's can become a last-ditch attempt to save the base (although they become immobile in this form, so that means that they cannot harvest or assemble structures).


Crincillin research teams created an AI that fit the role of new base establishment perfectly. Designed to know the complexities of Crincillin structures and the correct way to convert a planet's natural resources into an acceptable format for continual expansion. This AI was eventually housed into vehicles that would be sent out to a planet before the main forces were deployed. Once on a planet's surface, they are instructed to assemble an Orbital Command for a more stable connection to the Armada and a Sniper Tower for temporary defense against possible enemy scouts.

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