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Imperial is a faction in the Imperial techtree created by Mr War. It is based on using steampunk elements not unlike Magitech's tech faction, but focusing on larger war machines and overly imperial age art. It released both a GAE and MegaGlest version, with ships and several other features only being usable in the GAE version.


The Imperial techtree was started on 6 January 2011 by Mr War, initially starting as some ideas for individual units, but later expanding and fleshing out into a full, unique techtree.

Public reception[]

The Imperial faction was met with critical reception, being generally liked by the members of the Glest community, where steampunk style mods are very popular. Initially, the forum thread was just a few unit concepts, then moving on to offering a simple unit model to other mods, which none used, before Mr War decided to expand into his own faction. As of 17 April 2011, the MegaGlest beta was still undergoing testing.


Unit Description Screenshot
Citizen Similar to Tech Worker, Weak Citizen(Imperial).png
Man at Arms Similar to Tech Swordsman Man at arms.png
Knight Similar to Tech Guard Knight (Imperial).png
War Machine Wheeled steam tank with 'Greek fire' flame-thrower. Wooden armor War machine.png
Trebuchet Large long ranged artillery piece. Slow and needs to deploy to fire, and cannot move when deployed. The Imperial Trebuchet uses a steam-powered winch to reload the weapon. There are two modes of attack; flaming stone, and a biolgical attack where a dead cow is fired at the enemy - this was used in medieval warfare to spread desease and fear. Dead horses and human corpses were also fired. Trebuchet.png
Matilda A steam powered tank with powerful gun. Matilda.png
Kite Fighter A light air unit with excellent air-air capability but weak armor Kite fighter.png
Cloud Galley Airborne steam cruiser similar in capability to Tech Airship Cloud galley.png
Bowman Ranged infantry. Identical to Tech Archer.
Imperial Cruiser Water unit capable of engaging both air and ground units, usually employed to escort Ironclads to guard against air attack. Imperial cruiser.png
Ironclad A large battleship with twin cannons. Ironclad.png

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