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Glest has many IRC chats available for use. IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a type of chatroom that allows communication between people in real time. This makes quick discussion possible, making it apt for modders to discuss changes, developers to talk about new engine features, discussion before a multiplayer game, or just general Glest chat. Glest uses the freenode network for hosting its IRCs.


In the pre-MegaGlest era, Glest required the use of an IP address in order to perform a multiplayer game. The IRC was generally used as the meeting place to find other players and exchange IP addresses in order to play together. When MegaGlest came out with its master server, the majority of multiplayer gameplay shifted to that, due to the ease of use and increased players. In late 2010, MegaGlest added an IRC to the multiplayer lobby, allowing for discussion pre-game.

Official IRC Channels:[]

Freenode Webchat

Connecting to IRC[]

Using Freenode Webchat[]

  1. Choose a nickname (this can be changed later using the command /nick your_name)
  2. Type the name of the channel you would like to join (including the "#". eg: "#glest")
  3. Type the reCAPTCHA text
  4. Click connect

Using an IRC-client[]

  • Connect to server This can be done with the command /server
  • Join the desired channel. This is done by using the command /join #channel (eg: /join #glest will join the primary channel).

IRC Clients[]

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