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Most of Glest's settings must be changed in the INI. This is a separate file that is stored in the Glest Directory (aka: the installation directory, where you installed Glest to) called glest.ini.

INI documentation[]

INI Value Default Description
AiLog 0 Enables AI logging, 0 means log is disabled, higher values enable more log messages.
AiRedir 0 Redirects AI log to console.
Autotest 0 Tests the data to confirm functionality.
CheckGlCaps 1 Check if OpenGL is compatible.
ColorBits 32 Framebuffer color bits. Lower than 32 will cause visible degradation of colors.
ConsoleMaxLines 10 Max number of messages in the console.
ConsoleTimeout 20 Seconds before a console message disappears.
DayTime 1000 Speed of day/night cycle, in seconds.
DebugMode 0 When enabled some useful info is diaplayed on the screen (such as the FPS).
DepthBits 32 Depth buffer bits.
FactoryGraphics OpenGL The graphics renderer to use. Only OpenGL is supported.
FactorySound OpenAL The sound renderer to use. Either OpenAL (any operating system) or DirectSound8 (Windows).
FastSpeedLoops 2 Speed of the game's highest speed setting.
Filter Bilinear Selects from Bilinear and Trilinear filter. This is the smoothing of a texture when you zoom in or out of its regular size. Trilinear will increase the quality when zoomed more than half or twice the size, as well as perform linear interpolation between mipmaps.
FirstTime 0 If true, runs auto-config at startup. Don't edit this, this is automatic, and WILL overwrite all other settings.
FocusArrows 1 Draws arrows for units one is selected.
FogOfWar 1 Enables or disables fog of war.
FogOfWarSmoothing 1 Enables or disables fog of war smoothing.
FogOfWarSmoothingFrameSkip 3 Frame skip for fog of war smoothing. Higher makes fog of war disappear and reappear smoother, but uses more system resources.
FontConsole Verdana Font used in the console (in the bottom left corner of the screen, where messages appear).
FontDisplay Verdana Font used for normal display in the GUI, such as unit GUI.
FontMenu Verdana Font used in the menus, such as the main menu.
Lang english The language to use. Will use the language file of the same name in the lang data folder with the *.lng extension.
MaxLights 4 Max number of dynamic lights. 1-8.
NetworkConsistencyChecks 1 Checks to ensure that all players in multiplayer have the same binary and same operating system. The game may get out of sync without this, but with it, playing cross-platform cannot be done.
PhotoMode 0 Disables camera constraints and removes GUI. Meant for enhancing image-taking, and is primarily unplayable due to hidden GUI.
RefreshFrequency 75 Refresh frequency when changing display mode.
ScreenHeight 768 X size of the screen
ScreenWidth 1024 Y size of the screen.
ServerIp IP address to use as a server.
ServerPort 6666 Port to use for multiplayer games.
ShadowMapAlpha 0.2 Transparency of shadow map shadows. This is a percentage in decimal form where 0 is fully transparent and 1 is fully opaque. Ignored if shadows are disabled.
ShadowMapFrameSkip 2 Frameskip for shadows. Lower will get smoother shadow movement, but use more system resources. Ignored if shadows are disabled.
ShadowMapSize 512 Size of shadow maps, must be a power of 2 but always under the screen size, higher values result in more accurate shadows and slower performance. Ignored if shadows are disabled. If larger than the game's resolution, shadows become buggy and stretched.
Shadows Projected The method of projecting the shadows to use, if any. Either None (no shadows), Projected (fast, but can't project onto other objects), or Shadow Mapping (slow and blocky, but can project onto other objects).
SoundStaticBuffers 16 Number of buffers for static sounds.
SoundStreamingBuffers 4 Number of steaming buffers.
SoundVolumeAmbient 80 Volume of ambience sounds such as the chirp of birds from 0-100.
SoundVolumeFx 80 The volume of sound effects such as the clash of swords from 0-100.
SoundVolumeMusic 90 The volume of the background music from 0-100.
StencilBits 0 The number of stencil buffer bits, which can enhance shadow rendering when combined with Shadow Mapping, though are ignored on Projected shadows. Should be 8 or 16 if using, but can be heavy on system resources.
Textures3D 1 Enable/disable 3D textures, such as the water. This should be kept on, as water will look very poor without it.
UpdateFps 40 World update frame rate. Should not be changed, lest scenarios and other functions that depend the game time in world cycles be broken.
Windowed 0 Whether to display full screen or windowed. 0=Windowed, 1=Fullscreen.

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