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Resource Cost

300 gold, 250 metal


10 (Metal)



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The Howitzer is an automated defense unit for Military's UNATF faction. It is capable of attacking extremely long range, and can use two attack styles of various strengths. Its explosive shells are volatile and can lay waste to an attacking enemy in large numbers. On the offense, Howitzers should be destroyed quickly because their long range and explosive nature tends to make them dangerous to you at all times. They cannot attack air, which makes air units strong candidates for taking them out, particularly the Stealth Bomber.


Being a defensive unit, these should generally be built at your home base or surrounding. They have relatively low HP for a defensive structure, so should not be left unguarded. They are best placed in the center or spaced out around your base to ensure you can attack as many units as possible.


The Howitzer has two attacks, the regular cannon, which fires a direct projectile up to 11 range, and a mortar attack which can fire a more explosive round up to 17 range. The disadvantage to the mortar is the slower reload speed, taking nearly 3 seconds on regular game speed. You cannot choose the targets of any of these attacks. The mortar attack must be manually selected, or else the AI will always use the regular attack, even if foes are out of range otherwise.


The howitzer is built by the Private after constructing a machine gun turret. The machine gun turret also requires an outpost to have been built. The Howitzer will also need the Explosives upgrade, from the Ops Facility.

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