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This page outlines how a person can become involved with developing for Glest. Please note that the developed of the original Glest has stopped in April 2009. There are two projects which continue and have added lots of features, factions and maps since then. Glest Advanced Engine is especially known for offering a richer single player experience, MegaGlest for better and more stable online-gaming.

Glest Board[]

The Forums are the best place to see what's going on and meet the developers. It is organized into the categories of such as the two forks of MegaGlest and GAE, as well as having categories for all Glest related work and discussion, such as mods, maps, etc.

The IRC is also active with the developers of the two forks, as well as players looking for an online match.


Wikia is a good source of Glest information. Anybody is able to modify and add to it to make it better.


See the Glest Translation forum.


Use the map editor to create new maps. For information look at our Glest map editing guide.


Bugs on the original version of Glest cannot be solved as it is no longer in development, however, some errors can still cope up as a result of your computer's configuration or specifications. That can be posted on the Glest Board's Bug Report category. For engine specific bugs, please post them on the respective engine's thread.


Any Glest content can be used to promote Glest. Make a video of gameplay, a poem, a story, a poster, talk about it with your friends or on gaming forums.

Using SVN[]


Packages can often depend on the distribution of Linux or Windows your wanting it for.

makes software installation on Linux easy. Software distributed using Autopackage can be installed on multiple Linux distributions and integrate well into the desktop environment.

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