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A gold ore as seen in the MegaPack.

Gold is the dominant resource in the MegaPack, having the most use and being used by all MegaPack factions. Nearly every unit, building, and upgrade requires at least a little bit of gold. In short, gold is the currency-style resource.


Gold in MegaPack must be harvested, namely from gold ore deposits on the map (shown to the right). This is generally done with a worker-style unit, such as Tech's worker or Egypt's slave. Each gold node contains 2000 units of gold.


Nearly every unit, building, and upgrade requires gold. For example, Magic's archmage requires 150 gold to morph from a battlemage (however, since the battlemage needs 75, as does the initiate, the total cost of the Archmage becomes 300 gold). Gold that is expended cannot be recovered unless the unit or upgrade is canceled before it is complete. It is not recovered if the producing or morphing unit/building is destroyed, as is standard with all resources.

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