The Glest Wiki

Treat all others the way you wish to be treated. This includes even the trolls (see: Do Not Feed the Trolls). Making threats can end up a real-life criminal offense, so think before you act. If you are abused by another editor, you may contact an administer, who can review the case and possibly block the offending editor for a variable amount of time. If you are unfairly blocked, you may protest this on your Talk Page, and an administer may review the case, potentially unblocking you.

Why to do it[]

This shouldn't even have to be explained. Common sense is the key. We are a wiki, and all our culminated efforts are to advance this wiki. Treating others poorly does not help this. It is neither productive, respectful, or helpful to either our editors or our readers. If you ever have to wonder if something is appropriate to type, it's not.

What to do instead[]

It doesn't matter if you don't like the editor. You don't have to get along with him. Just ignore him and do your editing as you please. If the editor tries to get in the way of your editing (ex: reverting your edits constantly without grounds), report him to a sysop for them to deal with. Try and see things from their point of view, and even if they seem completely illogical, remember that the Glest Wiki community comes from all over the world, and may not share the same style of living as you. However, we are still people, and it's expected you treat everyone like that.

It was just a joke[]

Or was it? As previously mentioned, our editors come from all over the world, and what they consider jokes or serious varies greatly. We aren't anti-humor, but if there's even the slightest chance someone could be insulted, even if not the joke's intended target, don't say it. A good example of this is a "dumb blonde" joke. It doesn't matter how common the jokes are, or if most people would know that it's just a joke, someone from half the world away might not understand it and take it as an insult.