The Glest Wiki

Never attack another editor. This is amongst the most serious rules to break, as attacking a user cannot be justified as improving the wiki in any way. Whether it be a mild reference of comparing someone to something else, or a head on confrontation insulting another user, it's not acceptable. Personal attacks are hurtful, and completely out of place in this wiki.


Personal attacks can include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • A passing reference comparing an editor to something insulting (ex: "You're as credible as George Bush")
  • Name calling (ex: "You are a noob.")
  • Heavy profanity directed at that user (ex: "Fuck you!")
  • Stalking a user and undoing all their changes just to annoy them

Attack the Idea[]

You can't agree with everyone. Odds are, you'll find someone you can't agree with here sooner or later. However, that doesn't mean you have to shoot them down just for giving their opinion (after all, you're giving yours). If you disagree with someone, attack the idea, not the editor themselves! And even then, don't toe the line. Profanity has no place on the wiki, and going overboard just causes more trouble than it helps.

Do not counter-attack[]

So someone attacked you. So? Ignore them, and if you feel necessarily, discreetly let a sysop know so they can deal with the offensive editor. However, above all other things, do not counter-attack! Counter-attacking just leads to flame wars, which are unproductive and should not be on the wiki. Counter-attacking only makes it worse, provoking the original attacker to continue, and even worse, turns the victim into an offender too. On the long run, nobody wins, and both of them could end up blocked.