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The internet has always had 'trolls' and always will. A troll is defined as "someone who purposely intends to interupt and distrupt the normal flow of a place with rude comments, out of place chatting, etc". Basically, they are loud, annoying people who may do everything from vandalize the wiki to attempting to start flamewars.

Do not feed[]

The trolls 'feed' on the distruption and mayhem that they cause, and talking to them, particularily, attacking or acting abusively to them, is their entire intent! Please do not reply to them in any way, as simply ignoring them is the best way to deal with them. If they get overly obstructive, a sysop may be contacted to issue a temporary ban, though bear in mind that trolls often have multiple accounts and banning can be just as bad as feeding them.


Trolls can often attempt to trigger the 3RR rule on other users due their vandalizing attitude. If they purposely vandalize, one may revert without being affected by this rule, though the troll will need to be banned before they can cause more damage.