A common misconception to Sysops is that they are powerful and intimidating.

On the Glest Wiki, all editors are equal. This is not a hierarchy, all editors are considered equal. While some such as Sysops (Administers) and Bureaucrats have extra tools to help them improve the wiki better, that is not a rank, or not even a gift, just something to help the most trusted users edit the wiki better. When it comes down to consensus, all editors are equal. It doesn't matter if they have been here a year or a day, they all share the same rights.


Consensus is the main decision making force in the wiki, and it's the main reason that all editors must be considered equal. Consensus is gathering ideas and posting opinions until they can get a majority of people (generally, 70%+) to agree on something. All editors there can give their opinions, and it does not matter if other users do not agree, as the point of consensus is to hear everyone's opinion. With that being said, everyone's opinion counts for the same thing, which even includes the opinions of those with an account, such as the viewers of the wiki, which are the target audience anyway.


Never try to stand by a point because "A Sysop said it". That is not a valid reason, and all editors are equal, meaning sysops are no better than the rest of us. Everything is for the good of the wiki, and therefor, everyone's opinion counts in it.

Development Teams

People in one of Glest's development teams such as the GAE team or MegaGlest team generally have more experience in the areas of Glest, though they are still equal to other users, especially in giving opinions, and they alone do not control the formatting, sentence structure, etc, which does not control the information on the pages. Likewise, the wiki does not belong to anyone, nor does any page or section. For example, being on the GAE team does not mean you have more abilities or can choose how the page must be. The person may be more able to improve the wiki than the inexperienced, but their opinions and edits still count for the same. Inaccurate information should be removed, but other information, even if it were to cast the program in poor light, such as a critical bug, should not be filtered out, lest that be censorship. Development teams also must remember to abide to the general style guide of the wiki, as well as using neutral point of view.