The Glest Wiki
  • Download and install TortoiseSVN.
  • Download and install CMake
  • Checkout source:

Navigate to where you would like to place the project in your filesystem, right click and select 'SVN Checkout' and enter the url: and change the name of the checkout directory if desired. Hit 'Ok' and go make a coffee. The directory you checked out the source to will now be referred to as $SVN_DIR$

Win check out.jpg

  • Download dependencies:

A windows dependencies package can be found at download and extract it somewhere. The directory you extracted this package to will now be referred to as $DEP_DIR$

  • Start CMake, set the source directory to $SVN_DIR$ and change the build directory to $SVN_DIR$/build, then add an entry called GAE_WINDEPS of type path, and point it at $DEP_DIR$

Cmake setup win.jpg

  • Press configure, choose the Visual Studio 9 generator, when done switch the Gui to 'grouped' view and expand the GAE section, ensure GAE_USE_PHYSFS & GAE_USE_PRECOMPILED_HDR are checked, and change the GAE_DATA_DIR (and optionally GAE_CONFIG_DIR) to $SVN_DIR$/data/game

Cmake-post configure1.jpg

  • Press configure again, then press generate.
  • The generated project files can be found in the 'build' directory.


  • Once the solution is loaded, right click the 'game' project and set it as the start-up project, you can then launch the game in the debugger using the green 'play' button (or by pressing F5)


  • You may wish to delete projects you do not plan to work with, to streamline the build process