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Teleportation is a GAE feature that allows a unit to instantly move anywhere on the map. It uses a skill similar to move but without need to take the time to move there.


	<type value="move"/>
	<name value="teleport_skill"/>
	<ep-cost value="100"/>
	<speed value="250"/>
	<anim-speed value="100"/>
	<visible-only value="true"/>
	<animation path="models/archmage_walking.g3d"/>
	<sound enabled="false"/>

	<type value="teleport"/>
	<name value="teleport"/>
	<image path="images/magic_teleport.bmp"/>
	<move-skill value="teleport_skill"/>


Most of the XML elements are the same as on the move skill with a few exceptions.


This limits the teleportation to visible areas (that is, where your units currently have in their sights, or the entire map if fog of war and the shroud of darkness are both off). If off, the unit can teleport anywhere, visited or not.


In order to be recognized as a teleport skill instead of a move skill, the command must explicitly state the type as "teleport".

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