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Self building is a method of letting a building finish constructing itself. Its main purpose is to be used in combination to the transform command (which allows a unit to morph into a building) by allowing this new building to finish constructing itself (otherwise it will need to be repaired with a repair command).


	<type value="build_self"/>
	<name value="build_self_skill" />
	<ep-cost value="0"/>
	<speed value="300"/>
	<anim-speed value="300"/>
	<animation path="models/defense_tower_construction.g3d"/>
	<sound enabled="false"/>			

	<type value="build-self"/>
	<name value="build_self" tip="under_construction"/>
	<display value="false"/>
	<image path="images/none.bmp"/>
	<build-self-skill value="build_self_skill"/>


Build self skills and commands work largely like the regular be-built skill and generic commands. However, note the type elements as well as the difference between the type value attributes ("build_self" in the skill, "build-self" in the command).


Whether or not to display an button to perform this self building. If false, it will be done automatically, but always last priority (bottom of the queue).

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