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Side by side comparison of without (left) and with (right) normal mapping.

Normal maps, also known as bump maps, are a method of enhancing the details of a texture. They will seem to modify the surfaces of a model to give it more detail without adding more sides or complicating the model. The image to the right shows an example of normal mapping. Normal maps and shaders are only supported from GAE 0.4.x up.


GAE supports normal mapping and shaders by adding suffixes to textures. If the model's texture is "my_texture.png", then the normal map would be called "my_texture_normal.png". In the future, more types of shaders will be available including custom modder made shaders.

Suffix What it does
_normal Uses that texture as a normal map.
_specular Uses that texture as a specular map.


The image at the top-right corner uses the following normal and spectral maps.

Normal mapping textures.jpg

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