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GAE supports using multiple music tracks for factions. This means that instead of one large track that loops continuously, it is possible to play through a list of random songs, shuffling to prevent them from becoming too repetitive. This is done in the faction XML, replacing the old style music tag with one that allows multiple tracks.


<music value="true" play-list="true" shuffle="true">
	<music-file path="music/track1.ogg" />
	<music-file path="music/track2.ogg" />



Turning this on allows you to use music. Without it, there will be no music in the faction. Play-list is also required if you are using multiple tracks in this format (otherwise, the legacy Glest format is used, which is just one track). Shuffle determines whether the tracks should be shuffled or not (that is, should they be played in order (false) or randomly (true)).


Each individual music file has it's own music-file tag. This contains a sole path attribute which points to the location of the music file.

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