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GAE, like all versions of Glest, uses an INI file to control its settings.

Location of the INI[]

Since the user data folder is very variable, the INI can be located in a variety of locations. By default, locations include:

Operating System Location
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\[User name]\glestadv
Windows Vista/7 C:\Users\[User name]\glestadv
Linux ~/.glestadv
Mac OSX ~/.glestadv

The location can be changed using the command line argument -configdir "path". So if you wanted to make the configuration directory (which will hold the INI, logs, etc) C:\GAE then you could run the game as glestadv -configdir C:\GAE. The configdir argument also works with relative paths, so -configdir ./ would make the configuration directory the same directory as the executable is in.

INI documentation[]

INI value Default Description
CameraFov 45 Camera's field of view, in degrees.
CameraInvertXAxis true Boolean value to decide whether or not to invert movement of the camera when going side to side.
CameraInvertYAxis true Boolean value to decide whether or not to invert movement of the camera when going up and down.
CameraMaxDistance 35 Max distance that the camera can move away from the world when zooming out. If increased, max render distance will also have to be increased in order to see what you zoom out for.
CameraMaxYaw 77.5 Maximum angle the camera can rotate upwards,
CameraMinDistance 8 Minimum distance the camera must be from the world. Limits zooming in to prevent the camera from going under the ground.
CameraMinYaw 20 Minimum angle the camera can turn.
DisplayHeight 768 Height of the window, in pixels.
DisplayRefreshFrequency 60 Times to fresh the display per second (hertz).
DisplayWidth 1024 Width of the window, in pixels.
DisplayWindowed false Whether or not to display the game in windowed mode. If false, the game is fullscreen.
GsAutoRepairEnabled true Toggles whether or not auto-repair (idle workers automatically repair damaged structures) is defaultly on. This can also be turned off in-game on a per-game basis.
GsAutoReturnEnabled false Toggles whether or not units automatically return after automatically moving to attack a foe.
GsDayTime 1000 Sets the length of the day/night cycle in seconds.
GsWorldUpdateFps 40 The number of world update frames. It is recommended not to change this as it can break scenarios and other features that would be dependent on world updates as a method of measuring time.
MiscCatchExceptions true Catch errors in mods and stop the game from running them. Unexplained crashes can occur if disabled.
MiscDebugKeys false  
MiscDebugMode false Turns debug mode on or off.
MiscFirstTime false If true, runs auto-config at startup. Don't edit this, this is automatic, and WILL overwrite all other settings.
NetConsistencyChecks false Enables or disables checking if the operating systems of all clients in a multiplayer game are the same.
NetPlayerName Player Set your nickname for online matches.
NetServerIp The last server IP address you connected to.
NetServerPort 1245 Port to use when acting as a server (eg: hosting a game).
RenderCheckGlCaps true Check for a compatible OpenGL version.
RenderColorBits 32 Number of bits used for the color buffer (also known as the pixel buffer). This determines the number of colors available.
RenderDepthBits 32 Number of bits used for the depth buffer (also known as the Z-buffer). This determines the distances from the camera objects are and influences shadows.
RenderDistanceMax 64 Maximum distance from the camera objects can be before they are no longer rendered.
RenderDistanceMin 1 Minimum distance objects must be from the camera in order to be rendered.
RenderFilter Bilinear Selects from Bilinear and Trilinear filter. This is the smoothing of a texture when you zoom in or out of its regular size. Trilinear will increase the quality when zoomed more than half or twice the size, as well as perform linear interpolation between mipmaps.
RenderFilterMaxAnisotropy 1 Sets degree of anisotropic filtering, which increases quality from filtered graphics greatly, but is heavy on system resources.
RenderFogOfWarSmoothing true Toggles on or off smoothing of the appearance or disappearance of fog of war.
RenderFogOfWarSmoothingFrameSkip 3 Frame skip for fog of war smoothing. Higher makes fog of war disappear and reappear smoother, but uses more system resources.
RenderFontScaler 1 A decimal percentage number which scales font size. 1 is the regular size, 0.5 would be half the size, 2 would be twice the size, etc.
RenderFov 60 Field of view from the camera in which an area is rendered.
RenderFpsMax 60 Frames per second cap.
RenderGraphicsFactory OpenGL The graphics renderer used to render all graphics. Only OpenGL is still supported.
RenderInterpolateWithSIMD true Allows rendering with a single instruction, multiple data processing.
RenderLightsMax 1 The maximum number of light sources there can be at one time.
RenderShadowAlpha 0.2 Transparency of shadow map shadows. This is a percentage in decimal form where 0 is fully transparent and 1 is fully opaque. Ignored if shadows are disabled.
RenderShadowFrameSkip 2 Frameskip for shadows. Lower will get smoother shadow movement, but use more system resources. Ignored if shadows are disabled.
RenderShadowTextureSize 512 Size of shadow maps, must be a power of 2 but always under the screen size, higher values result in more accurate shadows and slower performance. Ignored if shadows are disabled. If larger than the game's resolution, shadows become buggy and stretched.
RenderShadows Projected The method of projecting the shadows to use, if any. Either None (no shadows), Projected (fast, but can't project onto other objects), or Shadow Mapping (slow and blocky, but can project onto other objects).
RenderStencilBits 0 The number of stencil buffer bits, which can enhance shadow rendering when combined with Shadow Mapping, though are ignored on Projected shadows. Should be 8 or 16 if using, but can be heavy on system resources.
RenderTextures3D true Allows the usage of 3D textures, required for water textures.
SoundFactory OpenAL The sound renderer to use. Either OpenAL or DirectSound8 (Windows only).
SoundStaticBuffers 16 Number of buffers for static sounds.
SoundStreamingBuffers 5 Number of steaming buffers.
SoundVolumeAmbient 80 Volume of ambience sounds such as the chirp of birds from 0-100.
SoundVolumeFx 80 The volume of sound effects such as the clash of swords from 0-100.
SoundVolumeMusic 90 The volume of the background music from 0-100.
UiConsoleMaxLines 10 Maximum number of lines that are displayed at any one time in the in-game console. If more than this appear, the oldest ones start disappearing immediately.
UiConsoleTimeout 20 Seconds before a console message disappears.
UiFocusArrows true Toggles the display of arrows on units showing their target.
UiLastScenario The name of the last scenario played.
UiLastScenarioCatagory The category of the last scenario played.
UiLocale en Language files that will be used for language strings. Will use the language file of the same name in the lang data folder with the *.lng extension.
UiPhotoMode false Toggles on or off photo mode, which hides the GUI for images. Note that this can be toggled from the in-game menu.
UiScrollSpeed 1.5 Speed of scrolling the mouse wheel.

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