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GAE, or the Glest Advanced Engine, expands heavily on Glest, giving it many new features. This page documents and explains these features in depth. Many features are available in all games, such as auto-return or selective faction loading, and are not mentioned here due to the fact they do not need documentation to implement in a mod. Basic XML experience will be required for many features.

List of major features[]

Other features[]

  • Only loads the factions used in a battle
  • Games can be saved and loaded
  • Can choose the state of fog of war and shroud of darkness
  • Particles for skills and effects
  • Massive amount of new Lua commands with a dedicated Lua console
  • Improved pathfinding for units
  • New GUI with tool tips
  • Support for zip and 7z mods via PhysFS
  • Auto-repair, idle workers repair damaged or incomplete units
  • Auto-return, return to initial location after running off to attack
  • Many general bug fixes and improvements
  • Command queuing (with Shift)
  • Can enable and disable auto-attack and auto-flee on the fly
  • Extra AI difficulty levels
  • Clickable resources with information on amount remaining
  • Support for up to 8 players
  • PNG and JPG support
  • Multi-build
  • Per-faction loading screens
  • Rotatable buildings

Comparison of features[]

Addons format[]

Main article: Addons

The addons format is compatible with all versions of Glest, but in GAE, it has the advantage of not requiring the user to extract it. Instead, the supported zip or 7z archive can be placed in the addons folder in the user's glestae folder. This makes it easier to install mods, even complex mods that have many elements. An addons manager for GAE is under development.

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