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Faction logos are logos which appear where the unit information usually is when nothing is selected. They consist of two images, one which defines the team color intensity, and one which is a true-color image rendered on top of the team color. Both are optional, and modders can use both, one, or none, at their discretion.


<logo value="true">
	<team-colour path="logo_team.png" />
	<rgba-colour path="logo_rgba.png" />



This is the holder element, and value must be set to "true" for the logo to be displayed.


This is the path to the teamcolor image. This is a greyscale image where white represents brighter teamcolor and black represents darker. Alpha (transparency) will be maintained.


This is the path to the true-color image. It will be rendered as it is on top of the teamcolor image.


Faction logos.png

The image at the top-left is the true-color, top-right is the teamcolor, and the bottom is the result.

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