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Earthquakes are a special effect in GAE that can be added to an attack skill, providing additional visual effects. They do not do extra damage themself, and serve only as eye candy. They were initially implemented for the never completed Four Path Magitech.


This code must be placed in an attack skill.

	<magnitude value="0.25"/>
	<frequency value="1.5"/>
	<speed value="4.75"/>
	<duration value="8"/>
	<radius value="10"/>
	<initial-radius value="2.0"/>
	<sound-file path="sounds/sound_file.wav"/>
	<shifts-per-second value="10"/>
	<shifts-per-second-var value="2"/>
	<shift-length-multiplier x="1" y="0.25" z="1"/>



The strength of the earthquake, from 0-1. This controls a sine pattern that quickly rises at the start and quickly falls at the end.


The number of "pulses" used in the earthquake formula.


Used in the earthquake formulas to set the rate of the earthquake cycles.


How long, in seconds, the earthquake lasts for.


Used to determine the maximum size of the earthquake as well as the degree of effectiveness as you get further from the epicenter.


Path to a sound file that will be played the duration of the earthquake.


Base number of shifts in the ground every second.


A plus-minus variance which gives the shifts-per-second element some randomness.


Used to control the direction the earth moves in, with some degree of randomness.

Planned content[]

It was initially planned to create fall_down and get_up skills to go along with the earthquake, where the units could display a certain animation as they fall during the earthquake and another when they get up after the earthquake, but the implementation was abandoned and unlikely to be completed.

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