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Four Path Magitech was a proposed Glest Advanced Engine mod that expands directly upon the core magitech techtree. The concept retains the two starting factions of Magic and Tech. However, after developing to a certain point, the player is given the choice between two paths which will decide what advanced units and buildings they will be able to create.

The idea originally started as Necromancy & Religion for the Magic and Tech factions, respectively, posted by user Justcallmeike on the Glest forum on this thread. Daniel later proposed expanding upon those ideas by offering a choice of two different paths for each faction. Magic would get Path of Corruption (necromancy) or Path of Nature (druidism) and Tech would get Path of Enlightenment (religion) and Path of Reason (science).


The mod is currently classified as dead, having never been completed and having all its members eventually leave to work on other projects. Talk has come up about resurrecting it in the past, but as of 4 May 2011, the project is classified as inactive.

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